Erica Appel

Member, Board of Trustees

Erica has lived most of her life in the greater New York area, and her career since college has been in book publishing. Erica works at John Wiley & Sons as a developer of college textbooks. She has been in academic/textbook publishing for most of her career (30+ years), working to edit and develop educational materials in a variety of disciplines in the humanities — English, Communications, Journalism, Business, History, Linguistics, and ESL. Erica has been singing in choruses even longer, since her college days. Before joining PPM in 2018 she sang in small groups, such as Ember in Jersey City/NYC; in big choruses, such as the Greenwich Village Singers in NYC; and in church choirs, such as Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newark, and Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, where she met her husband and fellow-chorister, Chuck Appel. Erica joined the board in 2021.