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How to Become a Member of Princeton Pro Musica

Princeton Pro Musica values the high level of musicianship among its singers.  Singers interested in becoming a new member must audition with the Artistic Director.  Additionally, all returning singers must regularly re-audition.  


Auditions for new members have the following components: 


  • We ask that you sing a short solo piece.  Your selection can be chosen from any genre (art song, aria excerpt, musical theater or operetta, folk song, etc.) and be in any language.  Ideally, your selection will be a piece you’re comfortable with that will give the Artistic Director an opportunity to hear your vocal quality and get a sense for your musicality. 
  • An accompanist will be provided.  Please bring sheet music for the accompanist.  You are encouraged to sing an accompanied piece although that is not required. 
  • Memorization is not expected or prioritized.  If your selection is longer than three minutes, you will likely be asked to stop in the middle of the piece (having nothing to do with your performance and everything to do with the audition schedule!)


  • Depending on the range and nature of your solo, the Artistic Director may or may not lead you through a few vocalises/scales from the piano.  

Repertoire Excerpt

Pitch Memory

  • The Artistic Director will play a series of four pitches and ask you to sing them back two or three times. 

Sight Singing

  • You will be asked to sight sing a passage from a piece of choral music.  The accompanist will play all four parts as you sing.  The selection will be tonal and mostly diatonic.  
  • Members of Princeton Pro Musica have a range of sight singing abilities.   This activity is one component of a broader assessment.